AKA Black cod, Butterfish

Although it’s not a true cod, a cod by any other name should taste this good! Its a standout amongst other white flaky fish and it just may be love at first bite.

Some of the fishermen who catch it:

Deyerle Family (Calder, Walter, Richard, Daniel), Ty Nguyen, John Amaral

Flavor profile:

Rich, buttery, distinct flavor, and oily content - being laden with Omega 3 fatty acids - are trademarks of this species. Large delicate flakes make it optimal for baking, broiling, grilling and smoking.


Factors contributing to sustainability:

Conservative management efforts, trip limits, permits, spatial restrictions and vessel monitoring.

Catch methods: Hook and line (deep-set longlines), Traps/Pots

Seasonality: Nearly year-round, dependent on fishing gear type.

Range: California to Alaska

Preferred habitat: Soft of muddy bottoms.

Interesting life history facts:

Long-lived, some reaching 90 years of age. deep dwelling, living up to 5,000 ft deep. With a wide distribution, Sablefish are abundant all along the West Coast. As bottom dwellers, they are most often found along soft or muddy substrates where they prey on crustaceans and other benthic organisms. Although they are a long-lived species, they mature quickly into breeding adults.