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Putting Monterey Bay’s Best Fish Forward!


Close out the summer by celebrating the fishermen that harvest local, wild, seasonal, and sustainable seafood! For a week, give your diners an authentic experience and taste straight from the Bay.


The intent of this promotion is to raise the visibility of restaurants that are offering locally caught sustainable species on their menus and prove that sourcing locally is not only feasible but profitable. We aim to connect both local and visiting consumers with the fishermen who caught their meal, and introduce diners to what may be new, sustainably caught species.

This is a prime opportunity to showcase an indelible part of Monterey’s identity; seafood and commercial fishing, in tandem with the culinary prowess of our local chefs.



July 29th - Aug. 4th, 2019


July 14th, 2019 (Sunday)

The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust coordinates the event in partnership with a Steering Committee of local partners and in close collaboration with fishermen, restaurants, chefs, and fishmongers throughout the region.


Get On Board


The Details | As an official restaurant participant, you will agree to:

  • Create dishes that feature seasonally available seafood using at least one of the following local species: King salmon, black cod, Lingcod, CA halibut. You are more than welcome to use other species available but our messaging will center around these four.

    • All of these species are Seafood Watch rated ‘Good Alternative’ or ‘Best Choice’

  • To ensure that fish is 100% traceable and to minimize misinformation, we will ask restaurants to source through a selection of distributors for the week.

    • If you already source directly from local fishermen this does not prohibit you from doing so. Please continue to do business with them!  We do ask that you provide copies of the landing tickets for verification purposes. 

  • List fish being served as ‘local’ and give credit to both the fishermen and fishing vessel used to catch it. We will provide this information on the invoice.

    • You have liberty to communicate this information in whatever way suites your brand best (eg. on your menu, on a chalkboard, etc.). Optional listings:  SFW/MSC rating or ‘wild-caught’.

  • Track sales of dishes featuring local catch using a dedicated button on POS system and report on restaurant activity in post-program survey.

  • Actively promote Get Hooked through social media, email, website, and in restaurant with collateral (check inserts, special menus, etc).

  • Provide us with marketing materials: logo, photos of chef, and photos of dishes being served (we’ll gladly accept any other assets you’re willing to share.)

  • Donate the equivalent of one entreé to be awarded as Grand Prize.

  • Given that the availability of wild-caught fish can be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances (weather, regulations, etc) be receptive to using frozen fish.

    • Wherever possible we will source catch from Monterey Bay, however if demand surpasses supply we may turn to other ports. We will be completely transparent on invoices where the fish was caught and by whom.)

Optional: Include a short survey with the bill for every diner to help us collect data on consumer dining habits and preferences.


Why participate?


 The Benefits | The Steering Committee will provide the following:

  • We’ve made it as easy as possible!

  • Contribute directly to the vitality of Monterey Bay’s fishing community.

  • We source and orchestrate logistics in getting fish from local boats to your back door.

    • Provide transparency in who, what, and how the fish was caught, including which species. We MAY have to source from fishermen landing in ports outside of Monterey, but will be fully transparent on provenance on invoices.

  • Access to an extensive media kit with photos, logos, social media accounts, sample language for posts, and all other marketing materials.

  • Restaurant inclusion in all promotions, media pitches, and social media content.

  • Take photos of the dishes you plan to serve.

  • Acknowledgment at closing event.

  • Wait staff training program.

    • They work the front lines of selling and answering diner’s questions. We will provide collateral materials and can provide in-person training sessions for your staff to empower them to speak knowledgeably and accurately about the fish species being served and the fishermen who caught it.


Registration Form

Please submit separate forms for each restaurant.

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Any questions or requests for more information can be directed to:

Roger Burleigh e | o | 831-233-3202 c | 720-320-7087