AKA Bluefish

Some of the fishermen who catch it:

Andrew Heppart, Brendan Crahan, Charlie Lambert & Ian Cole, Dave Toriumi, Frankie Cunningham, John Amaral, Kurt Williams, Norman Reynolds, Skylar Campbell, Steve Fitz, Terry Baeck, Kevin Butler

Flavor profile: Lean white fleshed fish with a mild flavor profile, medium-firm texture and large flakes


Factors contributing to sustainability:

Managed through quotas, minimum size limits, closing the fishery during spawning and nesting seasons.

Catch methods: Hook and line (Trolling), Light touch trawl

Seasonality: Spring - fall (determined by regulations and/or migratory patterns)

Range: Baja, California to Alaska

Preferred habitat: Associated with rocky seafloor, depths of 30 to 300ft.

Interesting life history facts:

Lingcod are a fast growing species that can live for more than 20 years and be upward of 80 pounds. As aggressive predators, their diet is made up of bottom-dwelling fish, squid, octopi, and crab. Although there is only a single species of lingcod, which typically has white-fish flesh, you might find filets that have a deep blue flesh. The cause of this rare turquoise color is due to a bile pigment called biliverdin. Why only some lingcod turn this striking shade and how the pigment gets into the tissues and flesh of only a select few fish, is still puzzling scientist. Fear not, though, once cooked the flesh turns to white!