Get Hooked is a celebration of Monterey Bay’s sustainably caught seafood. Our local seafood story is a critical part of attracting visitors to this world-class destination. This promotion puts a spotlight on our hard-working fishing community and the masterful chefs who, together, deliver inspiring culinary experiences.
— Rob O'Keefe | CMO, MCCVB

We’ve got a lot to celebrate in the new year! Many of our Monterey Bay groundfish species, once decimated, have made a healthy recovery and are now being rediscovered by local chefs and consumers.

It’s time to reward the hard work and sacrifice by local fishermen, who have changed their practices to support a sustainable groundfish harvest. We invite diners to share in this conservation success story by expanding their palates and enjoying a taste of Monterey Bay’s best fish.
— Barbara Meister | Director of Public Affairs, Monterey bay aquarium

Commercial fishing is an icon of Monterey’s history, yet most consumers are unaware that 90 percent of the seafood we eat in the US today is imported. Monterey Bay provides an abundance of sustainable seafood options. We want to draw attention back to our local seafood bounty and the incredible fishermen who catch it.
— Roger Burleigh | Marketing Manager, Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust