AKA ‘Cali Hali’

Not to be mistaken for Pacific Halibut. These southerners tend to be smaller - but no less delicious!

Some of the fishermen who catch it:

Frankie Cunningham, Kurt Williams, Kevin Butler, Walter Deyerle, Charlie Lambert & Ian Cole, Andrew Heppart, David Toriumi, Brendan Crahan.

Flavor profile: Lean white fish, with sweet mild flavor. Large flakes, with a firm textures.

Ratings: N/A

Factors contributing to sustainability:

Trolling reduces bycatch and has limited seafloor impacts. Stocks maintained through size restrictions.

Catch methods:

Hook and line (Trolling)

Seasonality: Fishery is year round, but often caught during spring-summer and early fall.

Range: Baja, California to Washington (most occur south of SF)

Preferred habitat:

Live on the seafloor mostly on sandy bottoms. Bays and estuaries play an important role as nurseries. Although they tend to stay in shallower waters, CA Halibut can be found in depths as deep as 400ft.

Interesting life history facts:

CA Halibut, like other flatfish, begin life looking like any other fish larva, with an eye on each side of its head. On the 13th day, one eye begins to move to the other side, preparing for life as a flatfish. Typically these fish are bottom dwelling, in sandy seafloors, but occasionally are found swimming with schools of anchovy, and have been observed leaping out of the water to feed on these small fish. They have the ability to change skin color patterns to camouflage with the substrate.