Set to make a splash in Santa Cruz - SUMMER 2019!!

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Santa Cruz Restaurant Week

Coming Summer 2019!

Local food is all the rage, but terrestrial food is so 2018. 2019, it’s all about what’s being caught by our local fishing boats: fresh, seasonally relevant, sustainably caught seafood. The fish then gets masterfully transformed by top chefs into delectable entrées that participating restaurants will feature for the entire week. You’ll also become familiar with the names, vessels, and stories of the fishermen who reeled in your catch because the restaurants will acknowledge the sea-farers that make it possible. It’s merroir at its finest; a true taste of Monterey Bay.

Now’s your chance to head to your fav spot or venture out and try one that’s been on your must-eat list - or both! C’mon and take the plunge - with your fork!

Become BFFs with your seafood:

Boat -> Fish -> Fork


Here’s a list of all participating restaurants. Make your reservation today!

Get acquainted with the talent behind the dishes you will be devouring.

Behind every fish served there is a local fisherman. See the faces and read the stories of this hard-working lot.

Get the low down on the particular species being featured and understand why you can feel confident in every bite.

We’ve got a lot to celebrate in the new year! Many of our Monterey Bay groundfish species, once decimated, have made a healthy recovery and are now being rediscovered by local chefs and consumers.

It’s time to reward the hard work and sacrifice by local fishermen, who have changed their practices to support a sustainable groundfish harvest. We invite diners to share in this conservation success story by expanding their palates and enjoying a taste of Monterey Bay’s best fish.
— Barbara Meister | Director of Public Affairs, Monterey bay aquarium