Monterey Bay's Best Fish Forward

January 14 - 21, 2019

Local food is all the rage, but terrestrial food is so 2018. To kick off 2019, it’s all about what’s being caught by our local fishing boats: fresh, seasonally relevant, sustainably caught seafood. That fish then gets masterfully transformed into delectable dishes by some of the top chefs on the peninsula. It’s merroir at its finest; a true taste of Monterey Bay. Now’s your chance to indulge either at your fav spot or venture out, and try one that’s been on your must-eat list. You’ll also get to know the fishermen who reeled in your catch. C’mon and take the plunge - with your fork!

Become BFFs with your seafood: Boat -> Fish -> Fork.


The Restaurants

Here’s a list of all participating restaurants. Make your reservation today!

The Chefs

Get acquainted with the talent behind the dishes you will be devouring.

The Fisherman

Learn about these hard-working commercial fishermen haul in the fish being served using a variety of methods.

The Fish

Get the low down on what’s being served. What are some interesting facts? Need recipes? We got those too!

Get Hooked is a celebration of Monterey Bay’s sustainably caught seafood. Our local seafood story is a critical part of attracting visitors to this world-class destination and this promotion puts a spotlight on our hard-working fishing community and the masterful chefs who, together, deliver inspiring culinary experiences.